Friday, 21 October 2011

It's the end of a long week in the Pootle studio. Shelley & Lynsey have been munching their way through a pile of chocolate brownies (and not sharing them with me), Shelley has been attempting to design wrapping paper but so far has thrown away more designs than she keeps while I have been very busy working -  please refer to photo above!

In between all this we have been stocking up on glitter and cardboard packing boxes and more glitter. We have also been trying to decide which cards to have made in to posters for next years trade fairs. Personally I think 6 huge pictures of me would look best but Shelley seems to believe people would rather see posters of her cards! Very odd.

We are also excited because Shelley's sister, Gilly, is coming to visit us next week. This means that Shelley will be rushing around all weekend tidying the place up (something she never does when its just us here). I love it when the house is spic and span although I do fear sometimes that I'm going to get hoovered up.


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