Sunday, 16 October 2011

Another day, another delivery. Just when I thought Shelley & Lynsey had tidied the studio up to my satisfaction look what arrived....50,000 cards! I'm a very svelte cat but even with my slim waistline I can barely squeeze between all this mess. On the bright side the studio is now a very good place to hide all my mices.
Unfortunately while the boxes were being delivered Shelley fell over (she's not very graceful) and banged her head and now says she is suffering from concussion. Apparently she went to Accident & Emergency to get this diagnosis but if you ask me she was probably down the pub. Meanwhile I held the fort and made sure the business kept running smoothly. Here is a picture of me contemplating what to design next.

And here are a few more boxes for you to enjoy. Guess I better get tidying!


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