Friday, 30 September 2011

Another Day in the Studio

The good thing about being the boss is that I get to delegate so today I told Shelley she had to design some new cards (she's so slow it's painful to watch) while Lynsey has been packing boxes to ship out to all our lovely customers. Here is one of Shelley's designs of an elephant  It's quite good as far as it goes but I really think a cat would have made a much better picture.
Anyway, here is another photo - this time of our stock room. Slightly concerned that I won't be able to fit inside it soon but it's nice to see all our cards so beautifully arranged (thank you Lynsey for being such a good organiser).
And finally here is a photo of the view from the studio this morning. Quite magnificent I think you'll agree.

Okay off for a deserved snoooooze.

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